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Our company was founded in 2008 by a team of telecoms, computing and IT security specialists with a world-class track record of innovation.

Our mission is to provide focussed thought leadership to exploit ICT for Renewable Energy, Carbon Reduction and Smart-Metering projects.

We are developing a secure, trusted architecture based upon best practice for e-commerce, applicable to the renewable energy and carbon reduction fields.

This web site will show you our contribution to the developing "Energy 2.0" story - The Energy Enterprise of the Future.

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Thought Leadership

Trusted Renewables provides focussed thought leadership to exploit and commercialise innovation in ICT for renewable energy, carbon reduction and smart metering.

We are based in the East of England - with its world-class science and innovation base.   This area is considered to be the UK's "Ideas region".

Adastral Park

Trusted Renewables has its headquarters on BT's Adastral Park, near Ipswich. This location is part of the Innovation Martlesham project which aims to transform the BT Research & Development facility into an open innovation business campus.

Prior to founding Trusted Renewables, several of our Team Members had distinguished international careers within BT Laboratories and so this site is an ideal base from which to develop our ideas.

In addition to working with EEDA, UKTI and the Region's other major commercial, and R&D, clusters our goal is to focus on the creation of high-value jobs and sustainable economic growth in the East of England.

Energy production - Now and in the Future

Current energy sources - coal, gas, and nuclear - cost around 20-30% of the equivalent clean energy sources such as solar.   Energy Companies of the Future become a mix of today's "dirty" fossil energy and petrochemical industries - CarbonCo along with tomorrow's "clean" alternative, renewable and sustainable energy industries - RenewCo.

Revenues from fossil fuel energy may need to be further taxed, and set aside, to cover the imminent responsibilities of CarbonCo including withdrawal from heritage carbon energy sources - de-commissioning, dismantling & cleansing "dirty" energy generation facilities.

Fossil Fuel Energy

The monies will also be needed to close the consumer price differential - providing the investment to develop RenewCo's replacement portfolio of Alternative, Renewable and Sustainable energy industries and workforce.

In the post-carbon age, CarbonCo continues to exist in the form of the Petrochemical Industry - the provider of Raw Materials and Feed Stocks to future manufacturing industries.

The Energy Enterprise of the Future

With our ICT and Telecommunications backgrounds we have contributed to the rise of both Web 2.0 and Telco 2.0 thinking.

We have applied these to Renewables and we call this Energy 2.0.

Energy 2.0

We believe that future Energy Enterprises will have totally different characteristics to the existing 'Utility' mind-set and we now want to drive the rise of Energy 2.0 forward.

In particular, the commercial and technical architectures of our energy information mediation platform exploit Two Sided Business Model thinking and our security & trust architectures represent best practice in this area.

Intelligent PV Arrays

Photovoltaic (PV) solar arrays are currently relatively simple devices.   We have designed a significant improvement to renewable energy platforms by creating a new family of intelligent PV arrays that have secure processing capabilities embedded in them together with a trusted platform supporting strong authentication.   This is based on mobile phone technologies.

Being able to remotely manage the installation and 'self certify' information on how much renewable power has been created makes it very difficult to falsify renewable energy information.

This is a benefit for claims under the recently announced 'Clean Energy Cashbacks', payable to renewable micro generation installations.

PV Array

Intelligent PV arrays can also provide public communications infrastructure which in turn could allow pervasive ICT platforms to become an integrated part of an environment.

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